BIRTHFIT Basics Consultation

The BIRTHFIT Basics consultation is a one-time, 1-hour consultation with Molly where she will go over your unique situation and come up with a plan of action!


We will go over what BIRTHFIT is all about and why we put so much emphasis on the 4 Pillars. Then, we will discuss:

  • New avenues to explore during pregnancy

  • Strategies to enhance nutrition

  • Movement and workout suggestions

  • Practical advice to prepare for labor and delivery

  • Simple ways to incorporate mindset training into your daily routine

  • Postpartum planning 

  • Chiropractic care recommendations


Your meeting will conclude with a follow-up report, recapping the topics covered and full of pointers customized for your pregnancy and goals.

Cost: $65 for 1-hour consultation*

*Consultations are ideally done during an in-person meeting. However, we can accommodate remote consultations, if necessary.

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